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    Feedback and questions about the new site

    Let Quest staff know how it's going using the new site. We will be monitoring this topic and replying to your feedback and questions.

    @Jared-Mosqueda Wow Jared - I complete missed the magnifying glass option, and you're right that the filters allow a user to limit where it searches (my bad). So I'll try that for some of the topics & people that I'm seeking, and see how it works. I appreciate the assist!

    @Vanessa-Daffron Hi Vanessa - I noticed something missing from the Quest site, that I think would be valuable to users: Search capability on Forums & Connections.

    I've been a Quest website user since 2005, and I was surprised that after 3 generations of websites, there is not a way for users to Search for text strings within Forums or Contacts. So if I wanted to scan Forums to see who else has mentioned Fluid Tiles or Navigation Collections, there's no way to do that. LIkewise, if I'm looking for peers who have HRIS (or HR) in their Job Titles, there's no way to surface those. At best, I can page through the results, and keep doing a webpage Search (Ctrl+F), but that's ancient and can be time consuming.

    In this day & age, when people may mention things under a variety of Categories or Products, adding Search would provide a big benefit to this website. If that's not on the Wish List as something to pursue in the short-term, it should be.

    Bob Laedtke (Former President of UMRUG & Leader of PS HCM PUG)

    @vanessa-daffron working well so far....I like the new way of adding corporate members - very easy

    @prakash-masand Hi Prakash, you may have already seen this, but the video you were looking for has been posted on the site here:

    @matt-lee Hey Matt - Just wanted to follow up and let you know that the JD Edwards UDO SIG is up and running. You can join the group from here:

    @prakash-masand Hi Prakash, that link is actually to the presentation slide deck which you probably realized. I'm looking into it and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

    @steve-britt HI Steve! You can find the COLLABORATE 18 presentation recordings by heading to the Video Tab on the Learn page. And then search for COLLABORATE 18 on that page. That should bring up a list of recordings from sessions presented at the conference.

    Also can you tell me the subject of the email you received and the date you received it? I will check it out and send you working links to the resources featured in the email.

    Thanks so much!

    @vanessa-daffron Hello Vanessa, I am having trouble accessing some video content from learn section for ex: -- Am I missing something?

    @vanessa-daffron The new site looks great. Easy to use and navigate.

    @vanessa-daffron I am looking for the conference presentation recordings from Collaborate 18. We received an email on May 11th with the links, but looks like the link is dead. Any help would be appreciated.

    @matt-lee said in Feedback and questions about the new site:

    How to view existing Connections
    Cannot locate the E1 UDO SIG which was established following Collaborate 18.

    Hi Matt!

    You can view your existing Connections from your Profile page. When you’re logged into the site, you can access your Profile from your Dashboard page by clicking on your Profile image which is located in the left column. In the right-hand column of your Profile page, there’s a module that shows Connections and links to a page that lists every connection.

    Regarding the E1 UDO SIG, that group was actually established this past week and not COLLABORATE 18. Our team plans to create that group early next week.

    Please let us know of any other questions at all!

    Hello @vanessa-daffron,
    The new site looks nice. Having a bit of trouble with:

    1. How to view existing Connections
    2. Cannot locate the E1 UDO SIG which was established following Collaborate 18.

    @larry-dickerson thank you so much for this feedback Larry! I'm glad you're liking it. Please let us know if there's ever anything we can do to make your experience even better.

    @vanessa-daffron Love the new site...very easy to get around and focus on subjects of interest. Nice job!

    @jeff-herrick thanks for pointing this out Jeff. We sent an email out on 8/9 to the community about the need to whitelist We will reach out about this again and promote the message in additional communications and channels. Really appreciate your post about this!

    @michael-sullivan thanks for your feedback on this, and I will follow up with the dev team about logging this as a feature request. Much appreciated!

    @michael-sullivan please send the information to and she can route appropriately. Thank you very much for looking into this for us.

    @vanessa-daffron Suggestion (maybe for future enhancements)

    After searching for content, there is no way to sort the results. I wanted to find the latest video on lease accounting that Oracle said they put on the Quest site, but I have 9 pages of results with no way to sort.

    See uploaded images for example screen shots.

    ![1_1535037430479_content sort 1.png](Uploading 100%) ![0_1535037430476_content sort 2.png](Uploading 100%)

    I haven't seen this problem but my Director of Information Security runs analysis on our vendors email and provides them with tips on how to improve email security and delivery. I'll have him do this on the Quest domains and will provide the information back to the team at Quest to see if they can help improve this on their end.

    @vanessa-daffron - Who at Quest handles the email server and security configurations that I can provide this information to?

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