Mass E-mails to Suppliers

    Does anyone know of a way to send a document (such as a special announcement letter) to all suppliers having an e-mail address in vendor records?



    Alerts should work but I am not sure if you can do attachments in the alerts. If you need to attach the document in the email then probably you have to use the application pacakage to do so. There is a delivered app. package "MCFOutboundEmail" that you may use.

    We've used the Alerts to send emails to our suppliers before.  The alerts are query based but they allow you to create a message that you could target to the specific vendor with binds from the query.  If you wanted to target only suppliers with emails in the system you'd want to make that a criteria for your alert but it should be pretty easy.

    This should actually be fairly easy via an application engine and application package. First populate a staging table with the vendor information, then loop through the table to create and try to send an email to each one. If you have a lot of vendors, you may be better off with software or a 3rd party specifically designed to handle all of that throughput. Just don't put a ton of email addresses on one "TO" line, it always annoys me when other companies blast out my email address to hundreds of others.

    Thanks Steve. Figured the same thing, but question was asked here was is available inside PeopleSoft. Thought I would ask the community,

    I don’t know of any way to do it from inside of PeopleSoft except that  I think there may be an option to do something like that if you have Strategic Sourcing.  Besides that, my initial thought would be to run a query to Excel of your Suppliers.  Then, import those contacts into a contact list in your local email client such a Microsoft Outlook, and then do a mass email from there to everyone in the contact list.

    Steve Canter
    Smart ERP Solutions

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