F0618 and F06146 Out of Balance


    We had an oddity happen on our latest payroll.  Some records processed for overtime that had processed for the previous pay period already.  Our Payroll folks do not purge timecards from the F06116Z1 right away and the records were edited and submitted again, then approved by the manager.  Anyway, that is a whole different issue that I'm working with them on.  The issue is that these overtime records were paid again but the detail is not in the F0618 (due to the same transaction number as the pay period before?) but is in the F06146.  Payroll wants to correct what happened but if they process a negative number of OT hours, it looks like the F0618 will be a negative as the extra records are not there.  Any suggestions on the best way to handle this?  Would voiding the payment and processing the correct hours work, then get a personal check for the difference in net from the employee?  I thought I would check to see if anyone has had this happen and knows the best way before we proceed further.  Thanks so much!

    Linda Haight

    City of Bellevue

    Business Process Analyst

    Hi Linda,

    You could SQL the F0618 records into the table - they MUST have the same check control number as the rest of the data (you could then alter your transaction number to be unique. Then you could void the transaction?

    We have had situations where our F0618 did not get updated and we've had to SQL the records. But you do need a developer. Feel free to email me if you need further details

    Good luck, Sherri
    [email protected]

    If the F0618 is correct, you should be able to
    do a repost to the F06146.


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