Bar-Code receiving

    Bar-Code receiving

    Original Post:     Thomas Bolton, City of Milwaukee, Wisonsin

    Our Inventory Lead is wondering what other  PeopleSoft Inventory users are using with bar code scanning for receiving and put-away.  In particular, we are interested in public sector users.  Are you using any third-party add-ins or other technology with PeopleSoft for inventory?

    Reply:                   Jared Mosqueda, Quest International Users Group
    Thomas, I sent your question out to a current SCM member in the area of public sector and received the response below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me ( "We are not using any 3rd party tools for bar coding. (Other Than Bar Code Printers and Wireless / Wired Bar Code Wedge Scanners for PC Interface) We use (1) standard bar code fonts and (2) customization to PeopleSoft for our Barcoding Process needs.During implementation, we considered a third party tool (Loftware - ) for - Mobile Scanning by Batch, however schedule and budget did not allow us to consider / proceed - and it was more than what the requirements called for. "

    Hi Thomas -

    Sorry for such a late reply and hope this gives you a little assistance.

    We recently implemented PeopleSpoft Mobile FLuid for some of our suppply chain transactions. This has enabled us to use bar coding for numerous transactions, incvluding PO Receiving as well as Bin to Bin Trnasfers (our received inventory items go directly into a Receipt location and then transferred into their desired putaway location later via bin to bin). We use Smsung Ga;axty tablets and Socket brand trigger scanners for mthese transactions tied directly into PeopleSoft. This allows "on the floor" usage and is quite a time saver. Our ERP group has also customized the process for a Zebra printer to print out in-hose inventory labels at time of receipt save. The Mobile Fluid is also VERY handy for inventory counts as we have quite large warehouses and can have immediate record of count sdates/times recorded.

    If I can help in any other way, please let me know.

    Dan Rotermund


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