Expense Amortization

    We're interested in using the Expense Amortization functionality. We've configured it in our development environment and it's working online.
    However, when reviewing the "To-Be" business process, we're trying to determine how to create the Amortization voucher style from a scanned invoice or via a voucher upload (from the voucher staging tables). In reviewing the voucher build process, it does not include Amortization (AMR) voucher style.

    I'm sure that we can explore a customization to load the AMR voucher style, but want to avoid this if possible.

    With organizations having thousands of invoices each month (coming from multiple sources), it's a challenge to identify a prepaid expense at the beginning of the invoice process.

    Is anyone using this functionality?  If so, what's your business process.

    I appreciate your help.


    Ryan Hemingway

    Annette, Good morning. I appreciate the response.  We saw the same in PeopleBooks.  I was hoping that someone either came up with a custom solution or had a creative business process that we did not consider.  I emailed Amira Morcos, the product owner from Oracle and she did not provide me any direction on future enhancements.  At her request, I opened a idea on the community Idea Space.  Please take a look and vote on it.  Thanks, Ryan

    The first roll out of the design of the expense amortization specifically states in PeopleBooks that it did not include the ability to use the functionality through the Voucher Build process.   I am hoping that is planned by PeopleSoft in a future PUM.  Because of that we decided it would not be worth it to use this functionality yet as we scan invoices first and automatically create vouchers.  I can separate in my scanning process the prepaids into a separate batch but without the Voucher Build functionality it would do me no good.  So we are waiting until the functionality matures a little before implementing.

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