Open Enrollment Outside ESS

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    Does anyone use an outside vendor for either Open Enrollment or New Hires?  If so, I'd like to pick your brain on how you get the data back into the JDE work tables.



    Hi Cari,

    I don’t currently have any clients who are using a third party vendor for enrollments outside E1, but I have had clients in the past. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Do you have a time next week that is convenient for you?


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    We use a third party benefits system for all
    benefit changes. Just moved recently this year, we receive CSV
    files and created a custom UBE to update the DBA
    instructions.  Feel free to reach out directly for more

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    I found this on the site a few weeks ago.

    <a> </a>

    Nancy has done this for a number of our
    members, but she is out of the office today.  She will be back
    in on Monday.



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    Hey Cari -

    We’ve handled this a few different ways for our

    1. You can import CSV details from your vendor (in
      proper format and appropriate JDE data values) into your Benefit
      Self Service Work tables and then use the standard JDE UBEs to
      populate your Benefits and DBA Instructions.
    2. You can also successfully use the JDE Orchestrator
      (I recommend being on Tools 9.2 for this solution) to receive and
      update the Benefits and DBA Instructions.  We have tested this
      out successfully.
    3. If your benefit feed needs to be two-way for any
      reason, Orchestrations can handle that as well.
    4. And last but much more work would be a custom
      program to do all the handling of the data push and pulls.

    I know this is a lot of information which probably
    leads to more questions, but hopefully it provides you some
    insights of how others have done it.  Best of Luck.

    Tammy Castro - CEO


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    generous to a world in need.


    I sent you info for SolutionBoost - Jeremy Slavec


    Hi Ariel Ross‍ ,

    Thank you for your response.  I would love to hear more about your custom UBE to get the OE data into JDE.

    Thank you,


    Hi Sherri Harley‍ ,

    Were you able to send the information from SolutionBoost?  (We have a lot of email security in place now so I'm worried you sent it and it's stuck behind a firewall.)

    Thank you,


    Hi Tammy Castro‍,

    I'd love more information on the Orchestrator option.

    Thank you,



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