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    What is your PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Strategy?

    We are hearing a lot of customers wanting to know what other customer's are doing for their Selective Adoption Strategy. We woud love to hear from you on what you are doing.

    We are in the midst of developing our strategy.

    We upgraded out Finance system to 9.2 last April; We did our 1st PUM update to Learning Management in June. For HR we are upgrading to 9.2 next April.

    Our proposal, which has been reviewed by our CIO, is to process an annual PUM update for each system.  2017 will be a bit of a mixed bag as HR will just be coming up on 9.2 but we are still planning on PUM updates to Finanace and Learning Management.  2018, in theory, would be our first year at a PUM update cycle for the entire suite.


    I have the same challenge also Sally.  Would love to hear how others are able to pitch Selective Adoption and performing smaller upgrades one to four times a year versus taking a big hit every four.

    Jack Henry & Associates - HCM 9.2.018

    We are currently following a Selective Maintenance strategy.  We regularly download and review updates posted but then only apply the updates that are relevant to our organization or fixes we have been waiting on.  We are working on getting our business owners more involved but finding this challenging.  Would like to hear how other organizations are getting their business owners involved and how that is working.

    Sally Hall, HRIS Analyst, Adv

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