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    Hubble vs ReportsNOw vs OneView


    looking for any advice on ad hoc reporting tools for JD Edwards 9.2.  We are currently using Insight (Hubble) and are considering OneView and/or ReportsNow as alternatives.  Any insights (no pun intended) would be much appreciated!


    @Peter Young I know this is old but adding in case others stumble across it (or if you haven't yet made your decision).

    ReportsNow is a pretty robust tool with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality. I've used a bunch of these types of tools and I've never seen one that you can pick up and start using so intuitively. They also have an incredibly well-developed knowledgebase and their support is top-notch.

    In addition to the reports functionality, we also give it to users as sort of an ad-hoc query tool. You can do fairly complex joins and table lookups (it runs a little slow if you do too much here but still works), plus it gives visibility to the data without any concern of someone doing something they shouldn't do by accident or otherwise. I think all in all I'm super happy with the tool.

    @Michael Matelli Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am actually evaluating Insight/Hubble and Reports Now and would love to connect with you to learn more about your experiences. Would you be open to connecting over a 15-20min call?

    @Alicia Peters We have recently implemented reports Now -Data access studio.The product is perfect fit and well integrated with E1.The thing about this tool is it respects E1 Security and therefore Data security is taken care.
    We absorbed this tool in less than 3 minutes and users are extremely happy about this

    Hey Peter!  I would highly recommend ReportsNow.  My experience has been that it is a highly effective tool and user friendly.  I can easily join multiple files to generate one report without development.  Customizations to standard E1 reports have now been reduced drastically and our users like the fact that they now have the ability to create a reports on the fly without having to involve IT.

    We can highly recommend ReportsNow.  The product is powerful, friendly, can go against other databases as well as JDE, and their customer service is excellent.  We have used their professional report writing services to help convert reports from other reporting tools and they are great about working in new enhancements based on their customers' needs.

    However, we do also use Hubble, which is a nice tool as well.  Used mainly for the high level financial reporting with a more limited number of users.  Hubble licensing can get expensive since it is not concurrent like ReportsNow is, which allows us to have many more users with access to ReportsNow.

    Hello there

    Our installation is similar to Michael's, we have One View and Insight.

    One View proved to be quite limited (again in our opinion)… so Insight was added and seems to do the job for the ad hoc stuff.

    Hi Peter… I'm not sure I am going to give you the definitive answer you are looking for but I'll share our experience... We have all 3!!  We started out with One View thinking it would be our "ad hoc" reporting tool.  Turns out (in our opinion) a limited use... it's not really built to for reporting but it does and can supplement the existing apps with special notices... so we went looking and our Finance Team selected Insight/Hubble to do our reporting... it has worked very well... in fact we have expanded to use their planning tool as well.  As we expanded into HCM and SCM we looked to increase the licensing with Insight/Hubble but found it extremely expensive... Although their licensing is better (since we first did this) it is still a little restrictive and expensive... functionally it does the job though.

    We ended up going with Reports Now for our HCM and SCM reporting needs.  They have concurrent user licensing that is very economical.  We purchased it for a fraction of what Insight/Hubble would have cost.  Functionally it works very well too!

    One other factoid... Insight/Hubble only has data source links to JDE tables... although I heard they are working on changing that (not sure it's available yet).  While Reports Now you can build data source attributes to any table (in or out of JDE)....

    I hope this helps.  Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss further.  Mike

    We use ReportsNow, what is nice about it, our financial team had the initial training and they do the reports themselves.

    So, it is integrated with JDE and it works outside of JDE as well, we have our own SQL tables or even spreadsheets as data.

    What are you not getting from your current solution that you are hoping to gain?

    I just got notice Friday that Insight Software has purchased Global Spreadsheet Server (another 3rd party JDE Reporting Tool).  We use Global and have been happy with it.

    Not sure what the landscape will look like after Insight completes the sale on Global, and any restructures occur, so I wouldn't recommend Global at this time as an option - until after the fallout.

    Reports Now was another tool we looked at and it ranked favorably high in our comparisons…

    We use ReportsNow and have used it for some time now.  It is a pretty straight forward software with a lot of capabilities that we  haven't needed yet but probably will in the future.

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