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    PA DOR Act 43 rules for Non-resident 1099-MISC Withholding requirements

    Is there a PeopleSoft delivered solution that can be leveraged to comply with the new PA Act 43 withholding rule?

    Assuming there is not a delivered solution, has anyone implemented an enhancement that meets the requirement?

    We had the same question back in January and I
    spent several weeks arguing with Oracle. They stand firm on stating
    they do not support local and state taxes. So, that being said we
    were able to leverage the withholding functionality to meet this

    What we did was create a new withholding rule,
    type, jurisdiction, BU category, supplier category, and withholding
    entity. We then added the new entity to the procurement control
    page and to the specific suppliers. We set our PA supplier with the
    WH location to hold payments, so the individual payments would only
    get picked up when we want to send in one combined payment. This
    seems to be working so far (except when the PA supplier was taken
    off hold and not put back on). One issue we are going to have is at
    year end the only way to get the payments on the suppliers 1099 is
    to manually populate the field on the 1099 withholding row on the
    supplier location. We have talked about possibly doing a
    customization to auto-populate every year because once the 1099s
    are complete, you have to also remember to remove/replace for the
    next year.

    Let me know if you have any questions. My
    contact info is below.


    Manager, Financial Business

    KAR Auction
    Services, Inc.

    13085 Hamilton Crossing

    Carmel, Indiana 46032

    Phone: 317-843-4760


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