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    Suppressing Plan Options from New Hire Enrollment


    We use ESS for our New Hire Enrollment.  We recently added a new benefit group for the families of fallen officers to extend their benefits past the normal 1 month for a deceased employee.  These options were added to our Medical, Dental, and Vision plans and are active from 1/1/18-1231/18.  These options will always be manually added to the surviving spouse/children by our Benefits staff and we do not want them to show in either New Hire or Open Enrollment screens.

    Each of our plans has 4 base options (employee only, employee plus spouse, employee plus child(ren), and employee plus family).  We added 4 additional options to each plan for the 4 categories of surviving family members but there is a zero employee cost in the setup since we take on the cost as the employer.

    Last week, we had a new hire signing up for benefits and all 8 options showed up, the 4 most recently added ones with a zero cost associated with them.

    Does anyone know how to suppress these options from showing in either application?  I'm stumped.


    Cari Phillips

    Hi Cari,

    I have done something similar for other ESS plans. The one that comes to mind is Life Insurance over a certain coverage level and the client didn't want the employee enrolling to see say over $500,000 coverage amounts because it requires evidence of insurability.

    So you would build your workfiles as normal, and then you would run a custom report right after the Available Plans (R085520) runs and completes that removes the plans or options you don't want anybody to see.  If there was ever the case of wanting a certain individual to be able to enroll that would be controlled by data selection by address book number or benefit group or what ever the flag is that determines not to remove the plan/options for a certain individual.


    Hi Kari,

    Did you add the plans as existing options or did you create a new plan? If existing options there is no way to suppress to my knowledge. But if created a new plan with 4 new options then you could just omit them from self-service

    Hope this helps, Sherri


    To exclude a plan why wouldn't you just use the 'Exclude Plans/Categories' application.


    Yes you can, but from what I gathered from Cari's post, she set them up as options, so you can't use the program to exclude at that level.  A custom report can and will remove the unwanted options from the workfile after the build.


    oh I see - I wasn't sure how she did it. That's why I asked her - then I saw your post. Thank you for the clarification though!


    No problem!


    We also suppress the options by running a custom program to SQL out the records that are not wanted from the F085520W.  One of the main customizations we did was to filter out options that don’t apply to all employees within the same benefit group. I can get more information from the developer if you decide to write a custom program like we did.

    Evelyn Bian

    Port of Portland

    [email protected]

    Thank you everyone!  Yes, we are trying to limit the options and will need a custom SQL program on the R085520.

    Evelyn Bian‍, I'd love it if you can share your developer's program so I can show my developer as an example.

    Thank you again, I think I know which route I need to take since these are options I'm trying to suppress.

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