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    How Best to Ensure Accurate Employee Work Location Information

    We utilize Manager Self-Service in PeopleSoft (9.2 with partial position mgmt.).  For years we have been struggling with getting managers to maintain their employee's work location information.  This includes the location (building), mail drop (floor) and a custom attribute for cubicle.  Have any of you had the similar issue?  If so, how have you resolved it?  Do you require regular action on behalf of your managers (annually or semi annually)?  Or do you keep this information updated via a feed from another source, such as a facilities management system?  Any thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.


    Thank you !

    Hi Sargon,

    At a high level- to capture location in person profile, We need to;

    1- configure new content type (e.g location)

    2- assign it to existing primary person profile type

    3- configure custom prompt that points to location table. (This is for employees to select from a defined list) associate this prompt to content type ‘location’

    4- approval workflow (optional)

    5- alert notification to supervisor/hr (optional)

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,

    Vishal Mehta

    How to use Person Profile to capture work location?

    Thank you

    Hi Scott

    We haven't had any customers specifically looking for Location details.  But we have enabled a number of requirements using Person Profile eg Accessbility requirements, Dietary preferences etc ….these help the Learning Admin teams

    One of my consultants who knows a lot about Profile manager and Guided Self Service proposed the below:

    **Option 1: **

    • Capture Location information on Person Profile, and all employees to update it via Self Service

    • Enable approval process to this ESS change transaction

    • Profile approver (back office admin) to update Job or Position data as per the change requested before approving the profile.

    Option 2:

    • Enable  "Location change" Guided Self Service transaction under ESS

    • Request submitted by the employee via ESS routes for approval to relevant approver(s)

    • Once approved system automatically updates relevant Job data or Position data or both

    Note: option 2 requires minor customization to enable GSS transactions under ESS

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    Thank you for replying Chamanthi.  We have thought of allowing employees to update their own information as an option.  I will look at the person profile functionality to see if it can be done that way.  We also use partial position management, so the changes have to be updates on PS_POSITION_DATA.

    Have you seen other companies allow employees to update their location info?

    Thanks again.

    Hey Scott

    Have you thought about using the delivered person profile functionality (highly configurable) for employees to maintain the data requirements and for managers to approve etc?

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