Release 13

    Hi… I was wondering if anyone has upgraded to Release 13 and if they are experiencing any issues with it. We have some issues around Journal Approvals in BPM Workspace along with some OTBI issues.

    Has anyone else experienced this?



    Those word doc links take you to 17D patch updates, below are the doc ids for 18A and 18B.

    Doc ID 2355972.1 - 18A

    Doc ID 2394757.1 - 18B

    Patch 18A broke a number of OTBI and BI Publisher reports, on the BI reporting side its easier to resolve through reconnecting the link to the data model and saving new sample data. Its safe to say, if you have custom reports they aren't going to work initially in R13. We've seen a few cases where workflow didn't copy from 12 to 13 appropriately, (reevaluate your customizations to routings and admin settings before you committ them in R13 instance). If you've integrated via SFTP anywhere, then your network connectivity that was originally established has been removed in error.

    Many of the known issues are on config/expanded functionality is on expenses and projects, not too much changed on the GL/AP/AR/FA side of the house. Oracle has acknowledged 18A broke many items in accident, and claim that 18B will resolve. Feel free to send me an email at to discuss further.


    We just upgraded our pre-prod environments on May 15th.  And would be very interested in any issues that you are finding, especially journal entry related.

    If helpful, I just posted a word doc with links to all the known issues docs.  Provided by our TAM as we are still in project mode with only Sourcing live in prod.

    (I couldn't manage to copy and paste into here…).


    There are a few known bugs on R13 related to reports. R13 and patch 18A deletes any network connectivity established as well. What issues are you experiencing with journal approvals?

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