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    Vertex #04/18 not calculating in interim workbench

    Good Morning,

    We have been have issues with the #04/18 Vertex update that includes the new Colorado tax tables.  For some reason, when we test it in Interims Workbench (whether via the pink calculator or actually pulling the interim into an Interims Payroll), it calculates the "old" tax rate.  If I run a "regular" payroll for the same employee, I get the correct tax rate.  Our CNC vendor assures us our connections are correct.  We had a 90-minute call with Oracle yesterday and they cannot duplicate our issue.

    I wanted to put this out to the user group to see if anyone else had issues taking this Vertex update?

    Example: Employee claims Married - 10 exemptions.  Biweekly payroll.  Taxable Income is $4164.

    Old rate - $4164-$1558=$2606-$333=$2273*4.63%=$105.24 rounded down to $105

    New rate - $4164-$727=$3437-$333=$3104*4.63%=$143.72 rounded up to $144

    Thank you,

    Cari Phillips

    Hi – you should be able to see what vertex is calculating in the
    interim by changing the processing option on the Interim workbench
    to turn the before/after report on.  As soon as you hit the
    calculate button it should kick off the report.  This would
    verify what version it is picking up.  Oracle probably already
    did this, but this is how we would tell.  You can find the
    report in the print que of the server it was run on, search

    Thank you, Terri.  I should've mentioned that Oracle had us perform this step and there is nothing conclusive on the before/after report.  We have confirmation the correct Vertex is installed.  We just do not know/understand why it won't calculate on the Interim Workbench.

    Hi Cari,

    We just installed the 4/18 vertex in our test environment.  We did see some issues getting the new version installed but we did get passed them.  I did test the 10 exemptions issue that you reported and the interim calculated as expected.  The only thing I can think of that would cause the interim to calculate using the old withholding allowance would be if the interim was in March.  The new withholding rate table only works starting in April.

    Hope that helps!

    I just installed the April update,  and Vertex 4.2.6.

    The OR Transit tax is not calculating correctly - if the employee lives in OR and Works in WA,  a tax detail record is created for tax area 48, tax type G1.   It should be tax area 38.

    Anyone else run into this with the April update?

    We also did your test and are Colorado, all
    worked correctly.  I agree on it could be the dates you are
    using for if payroll works interim should pick up the same tax



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    Thank you, everyone!  It was indeed the date I was using on the workbench.  So frustrating!  I couldn't see the forest for the trees!!!

    I appreciate your feedback and setting me down the right path!


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