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    Adobe eSign and Docusign Integration with Document Management

    We are looking to at Adobe eSign and Docusign for the Document Management Signing process.  Has anyone implemented Adobe eSign or Docusign API's in Supplier Contracts Document Management?

    If so what was your experience?

    What kind of efficiencies did your organization gain?

    Any bugs or tasks that caused problems?

    Why did your organization chose the one above the other?

    @Mark Olson

    Hey, I was the consultant on that project at Hennepin County. The County owned Adobe Sign already which made it an easy choice. There were bugs up front in the integration (namely that it didn't work, haha, since the field for the API Key truncated the value...) and some other minor niggling bugs that we resolved through SR's. These have all been fixed in PUM updates since.

    My understanding is that from the perspective of the integration itself, there's very little different between the two, so on that side, it really comes down to your preference on the products themselves. I found Adobe Sign to be very nice.

    Leonie is correct - one of the biggest challenges is if you have a very complex signing matrix - I would suggest simplifying it possible; however, ultimately we were able to come up with a workable solution. Attachments are a bit of a headache in SCM in general, and I would always advovate that they go in the main document. That bit, could actually be handled in the Adobe Sign piece if you have complex file types (CAD, etc) that you want to attach to the contract.

    Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

    @Mark Olson We're planning to implement SCM with one of these. Also interested in answers to your questions.

    Hennepin County did a session on using Adobe Sign with SCM at Reconnect 2018 - check the quest archives (or I can provide). A couple of the issues I remember from that presentation is the need to create (and then gatekeeper) several signature block clauses depending on the number of signers for the document, and that any documents that you need a signature on should be compiled as an addendum to the SCM contract or the Adobe/SCM API had a hard time reconciling that all documents had been signed.

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