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    Browsers & nVision Drilldown Issue

    Hello All,

    Is anyone having issues with browsers and nVision drilldowns?  We are on Financials 9.2 PI 26 with PT 8.54.23.  Our IT department instructed us to use "InPrivate Browsing" in IE or "New Private Window" in Firefox if we are having issues getting logged into PeopleSoft Financials.

    When we do this it can create an issue for casual users when using the nVision drilldown on their financial statements.  For example, the users default browser is Firefox.  The only way they can get logged is via "New Private Window" (they have the same issue in IE).  They login and run the nVision drilldown.  A new Firefox browser session is opened requesting them to login to PeopleSoft.  This new session is not in "New Private Window".  They have to copy the URL, open a new Firefox browser session and set it to "New Private Window", paste the URL and login to PeopleSoft to get the list of nVision drilldowns.  Giving casual users the two tier nVision client for drilldowns is not an option.   Casual users login once a month.  Many are not computer savvy.  My fear is these users will stop using PeopleSoft.

    Has anyone run into this issue?  If so, what did you do about it?

    Thank you!


    Jo Ann Musgrave

    Director of Financial Information Systems

    The Art Institute of Chicago

    116 S Michigan Avenue, 9th Floor

    Chicago, IL 60603

    Phone: 312-499-4091

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