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    New Absence Take not making it to Payable Time when sending time to payroll in 9.2

    I've created a new absence take in 9.2, but it is not making it to Payable Time.  I have created an earnings and trc tieing to the absence take earnings code.   Any ideas as to what may be missing?

    Hi Beverly

    Are you using NA Payroll or Global Payroll?  One of our consultants thinks you are using Global Payroll as you have referenced GP_PI_GEN_DATA. First, check whether you can see the TRC in payable time.  TRC needs to be mapped to an absence take element_ and_ a GP earnings code, the latter will appear in GP_PI_GEN_DATA.  For Global Payroll, you will need to add the TRC into the Run Type.

    For either pay system:

    If not in payable time:

    Check for TL exceptions for that TRC on the dates it is not appearing.  The TRC may not be in the right TRC program(s).

    If integrating with Payroll for NA:

    • Make sure the related NA Payroll earnings code for the absence is also mapped to the TRC.  The TRC should be mapped to an NA Payroll code and an absence take.

    • Check the Payable Status and Status Reasons for the new absence in payable time.  It may be rejected by payroll for not being in the earnings program.  It may have gone directly to a status of closed because the mapping to NA Payroll earnings code and TRC are incorrect or non-existent.

    • Try to run the Load Time and Labor process for just that earnings code and an employee who has it in payable time.

    • Check the Review Time and Labor Load to see if there are error messages related to this.

    All the best

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    Thank you for your reply yes the Map to Absence Management is check on our TRC.   When I have run the Identify and Calculate for the calendar group, I get other leave pin numbers and vacation pin number, just not my new paid family leave take pin of 103179.   Do you know what is the trigger for for getting a particular pin to show up on the GP_PI_GEN_DATA table?

    Hi Beverly

    If you can see the absence request on the timesheet but not payable time. The first thing to check would be the TRC setup. On top of the TRC definition, there is a checkbox "Map to Absence Management" that needs to be checked.


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