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    Pagelet Configuration: How to add nVision Report Links to GL WorkCenter

    Hello Pagelet Configuration Gurus!

    My goal is to be able to add links to specific nVision reports within the GL WorkCenter "Other Reports" pagelet, and I am struggling to figure out how to do this.

    Our organization is currently in the process of upgrading from PeopleTools 8.54 to 8.56.  In the Oracle PT 8.56 Demo PeopleSoft environment I see that there are links added to the GL WorkCenter "Other Reports" pagelet.  However, when I go to the Pagelet Configuration page for the General Ledger WorkCenter and look at the example of the Trial Balance nVision report I see that the Link Type is "Menu Item", and the Menu Item selected is "EP_RUN_GLS7012_GBL".  When I go into the 'Select Menu Item' link I do not find the "EP_RUN_GLS7012_GBL" as a selection option. Does anyone know where I can find the "EP_RUN_GLS7012_GBL" Menu Item?

    Thank you,

    Lee White

    Glad that worked!

    I actually sent this over to my accounting team this morning to see if it is something they'd be interested in implementing for our GL WorkCenters.

    Currently our users have to navigate to Define Report Request and remember which eight-character Report ID goes to what report. Being able to hang it right from the WorkCenter, put a friendly name on it (and control that they use the right one) definitely seems to me like a win.

    Fantastic, Chris!

    Your recommendation worked like a charm.

    I was able to link in the Demo nVision Balance Sheet with the agnostic piece of the URL  /REPORT_BOOKS.NVS_REPORT_REQUEST.GBL?&Action=U&REPORT_ID=BALANCE&BUSINESS_UNIT=US001

    Thank you!


    Thank you, Chris!

    Your recommendation makes sense. I will give your recommendation a shot hopefully this afternoon and reply back with my results.


    Got it. You are right that it is not intuitive for how to add a specific nVision report request. I think I found a workaround but let's see if it will work for you also. You will need to know the Report ID and Business Unit related to the Report ID. The example I give below is Report ID = 7881REVW and Business Unit = ADS.

    Go into the pagelet you want but instead of selecting Menu Item, select URL from the dropdown. For the URL take what you see in the address bar of your browser and copy it in. You will want to keep everything in the first half of the URL since this is page-agnostic. Delete everything after the /c/ piece of the URL. In my final example shown below I have hardcoded in COMPANYSPECIFICPATH.

    Since you want to navigate into the Define Report Request menu item, immediately following the /c/ piece of piece of the URL tack on <u>REPORT_BOOKS.NVS_REPORT_REQUEST.GBL?&Action=U&REPORT_ID=&BUSINESS_UNIT=</u>

    Hardcode in the Report ID immediately following REPORT_ID= and hardcode in the Business Unit immediately following BUSINESS_UNIT=.  There should be no spaces.

    In my demo environment this is what the path ultimately looked like (minus the redacted COMPANYSPECIFICPATH piece).


    The only way that I know to do this is to add a link to "Define Report Request" and "Define Report Book".  I don't think you will be able to add a link for a specific nVision report.

    Hi Chris:

    Yes, you are correct.  I missed that the EP_RUN_GLS7012_GBL is a develivered report.

    What I would actually like to do is create links within the GL WorkCenter pagelet to specific nVision reports that our organization have developed.

    Thank you,


    Is  EP_RUN_GLS7012_GBL not the delivered report under General Ledger > General Reports > Trial Balance?

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