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    Scheduling BI Publisher (question)

    PeopleTools 8.53, PS Financials 9.2.11

    We have a PS Job scheduled to

    1.) Load the new credit card transactions into My Wallet (EX_TRANS), and

    2.) Run EX_CC_NOTIFY to send notifications to employees regarding the new transactions.

    The EX_CC_NOTIFY process flips the switch from N to Y on EMP_NOTIFY_SW for all the transactions where notifications were sent.

    Our Expense department wants to know how many people were notified each day.  I developed a new BI Publisher report to be inserted into the PS Job between the Load and the Notify processes.  (This is my first attempt to use BI Publisher, so all I know is what I've learned in the Quest videos and Oracle Documents.)  The BIP is based on a query that shows transactions with a load-date of today with the notify switch set to Y. The output options are the same as a scheduled query that works properly.  The problem is that a "report" is not sent.  It does kick off the process and sends an email to the Expense Auditor, but the email just contains a link to the original process.  The only way for the user to see the BI Publisher report is to go to BI Publisher Viewer.

    Does anyone know how to "schedule" a BI Publisher report in PT8.53 that will send the REPORT within the email, at a specified time each day?

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