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    PeopleSoft HR Help Desk or other Case Management tools

    What, if anything, is everyone using for a Case Management/Knowledgebase for employee questions/self service?

    Is anyone using Chatbots to answer questions from employees and if so, which one are you using?  How do your employee's like this feature?

    Hi Margaret

    Where we are seeing the first move into chatbots (and the easiest) is through the vendor provided solutions – they are pretty basic and tend to be an extension of self-service, but just through a communicative platform (email, social tools e.g. Facebook messenger, #Slack). Chatbots for e.g. Policy and procedure need to be built into the knowledge management tools /layers else the work to create them can be enormous. If a client doesn’t have a structured knowledge base, properly tagged etc, chatbots tend to become ‘fancy’ search engines, which identifies multiple options for a user rather than “the answer”, which can also be annoying for users.
    There are a number of development platforms available to quickly build chatbots. Of course if you want a chatbot that learns, you will need to find a platform that offers machine learning capability, and you need to have enough base examples (throughput) for the chatbot to “learn”.
    You should contact who is looking at Chatbots etc especially for PSFT HR HelpDesk….albeit in the very early stages.  From a partner perspective we are looking at RPA and we have purchased Automate Anywhere platform to build various bot scripts mainly for client integration, data entry purposes.  Happy to talk further if you want to get in contact with me directly.
    Chamanthi Weerasinghe
    415 699 8745

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