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    We are currently using NeoGov for recruitment and we're interested in looking at Oracle Taleo.  Are there any organizations currently using E1 with Taleo and is it integrated?  Is anyone available to provide some insight before we look into this solution?

    Hey Josh-
    We are actually assisting two customers in their selection process. Taleo is in the running.

    There are two versions of the product - TEE and TBE, and the first has more flexibility and cool features, so it costs more than the latter.

    I can also tell you that there are no “integrations” delivered. You would be able to integrate using AIS and Orchestrator which is delivered with your tools. The integration possibilities are made much easier with these tools. It is best to be on latest tools as well, so 9.2…

    Let me know if we can provide any other insights.

    Tammy Castro - CEO

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    By using AIS and Orchestrator for integration are you then not using TCC?


    Brian Rude


    My experience while at Oracle is that for Taleo Enterprise Edition, TCC (Taleo Connect Client) does enable integrations very well–providing a front end that supports batch export and import, and provides drag and drop feature for defining the data elements.  I don't know a lot about the technical details but my understanding is that it works well.  I am also not sure of a customer using TEE and who integrates--though I know there are some.  For TBE, which doesn't have a TCC-like feature, or other product integrations, JD Edwards Orchestrator now provides some additional options for simplifying integration processes.

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