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    Utility Meter Billing - Consumption, Tariff Rates, Calculations and Invoicing

    is anyone doing utility meter billing with consumption, rates and automatic invoicng, and if so, how?  What application(s) are you using and how do you like it?  Do you do any manual steps to get from monthly consumption numbers to calculations and invoicing?  What is the application you use, cost, effort to install, configure and incorporate into monthly processes?  Pros/Cons?

    We are using Metasys by Johnson Controls at this time, but are wondering if anyone is doing it via JDE directly, or via a 3rd party stand-alone application, or a 3rd party application that loads data into the JDE Z-File process for the invoicing?  How do you get consumption figures in, tariff rates in, and maintain them?

    We have both automated meters that send consumption digitally and manual meters that we manually read, of which currently only the automated meters are going into Metasys, and then interfacing over to JDE's Z-File process in AR and getting invoiced through AR.  The manual meters consumption is entered, calculated against tariff sheets with the consumption, and then results are added manually into JDE into A/R Manual Invoices.

    Would love to find out how others are handling this, and especially those manually read meters, and if/how you might incorporate the calculations into an automated process….

    If you are open to 3rd party solutions, look at our LynX Business Integrator product (Oracle Validated). We can automate the entire process, even skipping the Z-File.



    Hari Sharma


    One thing you may consider is that Oracle has
    a “Utility Billing” software and I do have one JDE customer that is
    using that software but I think they are only doing the F0911 Z
    file to get the G/L transactions in there – I think they are using
    the Utility Billing to not just do the billing but also the
    application of cash

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