Multiple Asset Range Mass Disposal

    Hi All,

    We are trying to preform a mass asset disposal across 124 different asset ranges.  I was wondering if anyone had a good solution for this other than running the mass change one asset range at a time.  I was thinking we might be able to use the subset option within the mass change definition, but we have ~1250 assets we're disposing of so copying and pasting those assets would still be a large manual lift.  Any ideas would be great.


    Mike Simich

    Finance Systems Specialist II

    HealthNow New York Inc.

    I suggested using the asset disposal worksheet to another company a few weeks back. To get unrelated assets related I would update the Tag Number to something like AAAA18RET by using the BASIC component interface. Just run a query from the ASSET table to include existing tag number and asset status. Update the Tag numbers on the ones you want to retire. Go to the asset disposal worksheet at AM > Asset Transactions > Asset Disposal > Disposal Worksheet. Sort the worksheet by tag number. That should sort the assets you tagged at the top. Just check the assets to retire and process the worksheet. You can then re-run your query to verify asset status and use the original query results to update the tag numbers back to the original tag number.

    Hopefully that helps, thanks.

    James Quijas

    We are on 9.2 image 11.  I know there is a plan to get current and had seen that there was new delivered functionality in image 22 after I had posted.  I was hoping there was a solution somebody had discovered for those of us not fully current.




    What version and PUM are you on? There is a new delivered retirement upload option in 9.2.22 that would work great for your question.

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