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    We are having issues getting a Void & Reissue to pull into an Interims Only Payroll.  The Payroll Register comes up blank.  It appears to pull the data from the Interim Workbench because the Interim ID clears.  Does anyone have instructions?  Maybe we're just missing a step?  Our main payroll lead is on vacation so that's why this is stumping everyone.


    Cari Phillips

    Hi – do you have any security on the
    F07210?  I have witnessed where there is row security on the
    pay-cycle workbench table that prevents the user that is running
    the payroll from having access to the interim.

    Perhaps reset the payroll and confirm
    that the user that is running the payroll can see the voided

    Is your payroll register a custom
    version (view the pay cycle workbench report setup)?

    Just thinking out loud.

    You may also want to double check the date range used in both the Interim and Void/Reissue processes.


    The payday they are voiding is 12/22/17.  They used today's date for the payment and our previous pay period (1/2/18 to 1/13/18).  Is that the process to use the previous "regular" pay period?

    Hi Cari, it sounds like the issue is related to dates. The interim payment date must be less than or equal to the payroll payment date.  I don’t think there is a regular practice per se, it just depends on in what period the void needs to go. Since today’s date was used for the void, it would get picked up in the payroll period that had a payment date that is greater than it equal to the void payment date.


    I tried advancing the payroll dates to the next payroll and still no luck.  I misspoke earlier regarding my dates so here's the synopsis:

    Payment Date of Auto Deposit that needs voided 1/19/18 with a 1/1/18-1/13/18 pay period (it's shortened by 2 days to not affect our benefits, we are a biweekly employer)

    Attempted to use next Master Pay Cycle of 2/2/18 payment date and 1/14/18-1/27/18 with a void payment date of 1/24/18.  Still producing blank registers.

    I aligned the Master Pay Cycles in both P07210I and P07210 before processing the Void.  I checked the Reissue Payment box while executing the Void step.

    What am I missing?

    Thank you!


    Hi - Want to double check the employee Pay Status is still active (0-9)?

    Pay status is Active.

    In P070601 (Payment Payment History), are we still supposed to get the green checkmark in the attachment column?  If so, how?  We are on 9.2.

    Check to make sure you have data populating in the F07352 file for the voided check. The Payroll Register R073012 utilizes the F07350 and F07352 file basis; for 9.2 relaese there was a problem with the Void & Reissue creating F07352 records. There was a BUG 26200067 released in August-2017 that corrected this.

    Here are our Master Pay Cycle Dates:

    1/1/18-1/13/18 with pay date 1/19/18

    1/14/18-1/27/18 with pay date 2/2/18

    1/28/18-2/10/18 with pay date 2/16/18

    We want the void an auto deposit on 1/19/18 and use today's date 1/25/18 for the void payment.

    When we're changing the Master Pay Cycle, should we be overriding the Payment Date with 1/25 before saving?  Or let it default to 1/19, 2/2, 2/16?

    Thank you to everyone who replied!  We applied JN13946 and voile, our interim worked!

    What is the best way to keep up with the HCM ESUs?  I feel like I have a tight handle on the ACA ESUs, but clearly I'm dropping the ball a bit on the payroll end of things (since this was released last August, oops) and I definitely haven't been tracking any ESUs related to our HR or Benefits groups.  I would love your secrets!

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