Securing Confidential Employee's

    We are trying to setup security for confidential employee's.  Our requirements are that we have employee's who can see the salary of some employee's but not others (confidential employees)

    Currently in World the user is given access to a group of business units and some of those business units they can see salary and some they can't.  There are different groups of confidential employee's so it's not as simple as 2 groups of employee's

    I'm trying to replicate this in EOne using the existing security model and it seems like to accomplish this I need to setup row and column security with 1 role having both row and column security.  This also requires that all other security be assigned to these 2 roles as well.

    Role 1 - has access to the business units and no access to the salary columns

    Role 2 - has access to a different group of business units and access to the salary columns

    Users would not be allowed to login with all roles they would have to pick a role when they login.

    It seems like we can't be the only company that has this issue, I'm curious what other companies do with similar situations.

    Is there an easier way to handle this situation?

    Thank you,


    Thank you for the reply, sounds like we might be going downt the same path.

    Hi Rebecca… we have a very similar situation... as have tried several options and the only way we figured to handle it is to have two seperate user ID's... one with the role for access to employees who they could see the salaries and a different log in for those employee where they can't.  We consulted several people including the folks at All Out Security.  Good luck.  Call or reply if you would like to discuss further.  Mike​

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