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    Benefits Enrollment Email Notifications

    I was wondering if anyone else had experience in sending an email notification to employees after they enroll in benefits via self-service?  We currently send out a confirmation statement but are looking into an email that would replace this and let the employee know that after clicking "submit" that there is nothing else for them to do.  (Even though they can go in and change things until our enrollment period ends.)  Our process seems to cause confusion to our employees and we want to do something to notify them as to their elections as well as letting them know that they have completed enrollment.

    Thank you for any insight you can provide!

    You could easily add a piece of code on the final submit to send an email. We have had complaints that the benefits enrollment is confusing, especially since you have to submit so many things, and then submit twice before enrollments are actually recorded and not staged, so I coded in with CSS a pretty notification box and on every page we told people in a different big bold notification box that enrollment is not complete until they see the "CONGRATULATIONS" message. Doing more than just telling them they are good though is another question, since shipping any of the information via email may not be a good idea. This year I also added in code on the buttons to audit when users pushed buttons and so we could tell if someone started but did not push submit twice. These are all in classic only, so if you would like info on those code customizations message me and I'll ship you something.

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