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    App Package code for Configurable Analysis Framework

    My understanding is that PeopleSoft Financials uses Configurable Analysis Framework for side by side comparison.

    I am working with the HCM product and want to use this functionality, but there isn't any delivered code for HCM yet.

    Would someone be able to provide code from Financials that is used to create Entity handlers and Comparison (Analysis) handlers?

    Any code in Application package CAF_CORE:HANDLER would be helpful. I'm looking for some code examples to help understand how it works.


    I’m not familiar
    with Configurable
    Analysis Framework so I can’t help you.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    John van der Palen

    Functioneel Beheerder Service Center Financi?n

    CZ Tilburg

    Mobiel: 06 23 31 68 97


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    It does do this. I think i've seen it in the Supplier pages.

    There is too much code to try and copy and paste in here. There are many packages (including some now for Fluid - I am looking in the EP92U025 PUM database) and many classes.

    It might be easier, at a conceptual level, to try and read the PeopleBooks and if you can download the FSCM PUM.

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