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    Running T&L admin in parallel and how does your organization run T&L admin?

    Right now our Payroll team runs Time and Labor Admin to import T&L data to Payroll by using one dynamic group TLALL to import everything for everyone. During our upgrade to HR92 we are going to look at changing the business process to perform parallel processing, but the question has come up how other organization do this. It looks like the team would need to create a run control for every group they want to process and kick off each group, unless we created a set of run controls for the users and had a job that they could run specifically for that user. How does your organization manage the T&L admin processing so it is efficient and so it doesn't take all day or night to run once?

    For 30k employees on T&L, we run 9 separate Time Admin jobs scheduled through Control M, spaced out 5 minutes apart (sometimes these run into each other and lock out a table and errors), and we run these hourly. This keeps the run times down to something manageable.

    Hi Thomas

    One of our T&L Consultants who is at a large hospital with a very complex T&L set up said the following:

    It depends on when they want to run them. During the day or overnight?
    At most sites it is broken down into dynamic groups and either run as a batch job overnight, to include all the dynamic groups, or each are run individually, and then run again during the day for any changes as it will pickup and process only those employees who need processing.
    A custom batch job could be setup to create and run a set of dynamic groups each with their own run controls as well. I guess it depends on how many groups they are thinking of creating.
    At the xxx hospital, we have 2 groups one bi-weekly and 4 the others and these are set up manually each pay.
    xxx Police had 14, so we ran as a batch job overnight.

    Thank you

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