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    Table partitioning for Payroll and T&L

    Has anyone had experience with setting up or managing table partitioning for some of the more common Payroll and T&L tables like TL_PAYABLE_TIME and PAY_CHECK? If so, do you have any suggestions on where to start or anyone who can assit us with determining the best approach for our organization?


    Thomas D'Andrea

    Hi Thomas
    <a>Our DBAs have done this work for our Payroll customers in the past.</a>

    Below are some generic details to start off with. Your specific environment / instance details are required to provide something specific.

    Partitioning should be done in collaboration with Hardware providers, DBAs, PeopleSoft HR/Payroll Functional and Technical specialists.

    High-level steps to partitioning

    • Establish purpose of the partitioning

    • Check database server resources (disk, CPU), parallel processing capabilities, tablespaces, throughput and sizing

    • Determine and Setup streaming online – (EMPLID ranges)

    • Enable streams for calendar id / pay run id

    • Enable “Perform stream processing”, for all streams, on the Payroll Run control page

    • Update Process Scheduler Server definition – Max API Aware and Max Parallel Process Types

    • Determine underlaying list of tables and its associated indexes, and any customized indexes

    • Create Partition and sub-partition on listed tables and indexes, matching the streams and the columns identified for partitions (for e.g., cal_run_id, emplid)

    • Adjust database configurations such as roll back segments, block size, and related configurations – DBA should know this

    • Update statistics, monitor tables and tablespaces

    • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring

    Chamanthi Weerasinghe |

    Presence of IT

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