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    Group Limit Max Percentage update via Benefits

    All -

    We went to 9.2 last December, and during our annual "Campaign for 401K" we do here (where we discuss how the 401K plans for the employees are doing and what to look for in the future), we found an interesting item that we did not know about - the Enhanced Group Limit Max Percentage.  This bit us a couple of times during the first round of changes, as we were unaware of this enhancement functionality (we went from 9.0 to 9.2).  The enhancement does work well when it's all the data is input correctly.  However, what we are running into is this:

    Our H/R will enter the changes via the Benefit Enrollment application (P08334).  These will, as you all know, filter down to the employee DBA instructions (view and modify via P050181).  What we found (that most have as well) is that the group limit does not update when this is done in this manner.  Our H/R department must now go into the employee DBA screen and modify those manually.  There is an enhancement request in Oracle KG (Bug 19402602: GROUP LIMIT MAX PERCENT (GPPX)) that has been added (and would be of GREAT benefit), but is not on the apparent radar.

    What is everybody else doing for this?


    Darren Young

    Paul Mueller Company

    Currently, we are not using the Enrollment with Eligibility within E1. We are updating the EE DBA instructions directly with any 401k changes. We have created an integration application that updates the EE DBA instructions as well as the Group field/table… Please let me know if you need additional information.


    Sharon King
    HR Information Specialist Mgr.

    [email protected]

    You could write a custom report that goes out nightly on scheduler that based on the 401k DBA look for any records that have Group Max Field = Blank and populate with the correct %.  The percentage could be a Processing Option in case it changes in the future.  The logic could be any active employee in DBA XXXX and Pay Stop Date = Blank

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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