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    Accounts Receivable Invoices Emailed using BI Publisher (Free Version) with attachments/Backup documents attached


    Most of our A/R invoices contain backup documentation that has to go out with the invoices, thus precluding us to either manually print the invoices and backup documents and then collating and folding/mailing them.

    Or we print the email to a PDF, then use a PDF tool to attach PDF backup documents to the PDF Invoice, then we can either print and manually mail, or manually create an email and attach the PDF and backup and email out.

    We want to use BI Publisher (free version) with Email Bursting and somehow programmatically via meta data get the backup documents (saved in PDF form with metadata) and collate them in the same job stream, and then have it all emailed out to the customer automatically.

    Has anyone done anything like this?

    Do you email invoices now, and if so, do they go with backup documentation, and if so, how are you doing it?

    Thank you in advance for any information you can share.


    Douglas Brininstool

    Port of Portland

    @Douglas Brininstool I am wondering if you ever found a solution for your Accounts receviable invoice preparation and back-up delivery.

    At Spray Equipment we use our BI Publisher (Included with red stack) to email burst invoices.  We simply run the same invoice batch process twice each night but catch the email bursting on the first run so customers with printed invoices are all that's left on the second run.  However, we do not include attachments beyond the invoice document generated by JDE.  It is a great idea!  Spray Equipment has some instances where it would be nice to add the customer's PO or other supporting docs required by a customer.

    Obviously to make this work requres a cross reference unique to the transaction that systematically exists in all supporting docs to be associated with the invoice.  Perhaps some combination of customer PO#, PO Line# that will also exist on every invoice?  This requires any customers' PO lines are always only invoiced once.

    I am sorry I do not have a solution but if there is not a way in JDE, you might also consider approaching this from a document management software perspective.  Some of those products may be able to look back on where JDE puts the BI publisher invoices and match them up to your supporting documents.  cg

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