E1 9.2 Print Check Functionality

    I have several questions on this topic.  We are a Specialty Contracting Construction Company that operates in over 30 states, with several companies and a sizable number of employees are union employees who require printed checks and a quick processing cycle.  We have centralized payroll processing in PA and have 48 hours to turnaround the payroll.  One of the drivers of the way we have our process set up is the batch print check requirement to all of our branches.  Our current process is 35 batches get processed in order to send the paper checks to the branches printers.  Does anyone else have a similar set of requirements and have they designed their process around the branch print requirements?  Are there other ways to design the process to take the complexity out of it and get the results we are looking for?

    I am not sure what you are asking in particular, but are you asking is there a way to split the R07231 so that the checks can be printed at each branch?

    Have you looked into the embedded BI Publisher functionality in E1 and have it split based on BU (assuming that is a branch) and email them to the particular branch.

    Twelve years ago I had a client prior to BI Publisher where we split the checks and advices and sent them to over 60 different plants, so I know it can be done.


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