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    Has anyone created a process to import Single Pay Vendors?

    Clackamas County needs to be able to import a large data file from the Assessor’s Office to refund our residents for property taxes.  The checks will need to be distributed as soon as possible after January 1, 2018.

    The preliminary estimate is that there may be 4,000 checks/vouchers.  Once the payees and amounts are determine our plan is to use PeopleSoft Accounts Payable to cut the checks.

    If anyone has created a customization to get this task accomplished (and would be willing to share) or to ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

    We are interfacing AP files from other systems into Peoplesoft AP. We created Single pay vendors and defined all the defaults. We also have Origin and Business unit created. We have accounting templates created for it based on the accounting structure. The interface file gets loaded to voucher staging tables through a custom load process. The main tables need to be loaded are VCHR_HDR_STG,VCHR_DIST_STG,VCHR_LINE_STG. There are other staging tables but most of them gets the default value from the Voucher hierarchy configurations. All voucher staging table are listed in this link

    You need to send vendor name and address in the AP file otherwise single pay vouchers will be in recycled. This information should be loaded in VCHR_VNDR_STG. If vendor payment method is ACH you need to send vendor bank details too which will be stored in VCHR_BANK_STG. Voucher style should be Single Pay.

    Once the staging table is loaded Voucher build process reads the data from the staging tables and create the vouchers. Then Run Pay-cycle to process the payments.

    I've done something similar for large volume refund checks.  I don't have the code, but its an interface to the voucher Staging tables.  In the interface use a Single Paymnet Supplier

    1. Create  one single Payment Suplier for your property tax refunds.  give it a unique Supplier Pay Group and Payment terms of immediate(or Net 0).

    2. Run voucher build to create the vouchers

    3. Create a Pay Cycle for just your Refund Checks utilizing the Unique Supplier Pay Group Code

    4. Run the Pay Cyacle and pay the refunds

    I have an old version I customized from 9.1.
    You would want to reapply the customizations to the latest version,
    but it should give you a place to start. Email me directly and I
    will send you a copy.




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