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    Do You Have This Scenario - A Single Supplier Manages Other Suppliers (Manufacturer's Representative)

    We would like to hear from you if your company provides access to the Comprehensive Supplier Portal to support Bidder responses to Sourcing Events by a Manufacturer’s Representative. In this scenario, a Single Supplier in your Supplier population may manage multiple other Suppliers and transacts business with you on their behalf.

    Please contact Bob Block via email if you have this scenario and would like to contribute use cases and insight on how Strategic Sourcing bidding activities may support this structure.

    One of the scenarios:

    <u>Structure may look something like this:</u>

    SUPPLIER A: JSCOTT from Midton Computers is the Manufacturers Rep for:

    • East Bay Computer Mfg. Ltd

    • Best Bargain Computer Mfg. Co., Inc.

    • Wholesale Computer Supply, Inc.

    Your company, as the host of the Supplier Portal, issues login credentials and security for an individual to access the Supplier Portal (i.e. JSCOTT @ Midton Computers)  to transact on behalf of 3 of the above Suppliers.  Sourcing Events are currently linked to a specific Supplier who may have been invited to participate in the Event, but it is not open to all Suppliers. This is different than PO’s, POA’s, ASN’s, etc. where the Supplier Portal allows a Manufacturer’s Rep (i.e. JSCOTT) to manage the business of the 3 companies above.

    In this scenario, East Bay Computers (one of the companies managed by JSCOTT) receives an invitation to bid one of your Sourcing Events. In this current scenario, JSCOTT cannot bid on behalf of East Bay Computers, as he doesn’t have access to this Supplier’s Bidding Invitation.

    <u>Our questions to you:</u>

    1. Is this a common scenario you need to support in your organization?

    2. How would you envision recording and maintaining a “Bidding on Behalf of” Information trail?

    3. Would the subsequent award be made to Midton Computers?

    4. Would the Contract be to Midton Computers?

    5. Would the Requisition or PO be to Midton Computers?

    6. Would Payment be made to Midton Computers?

    Any other details we need to be aware of?

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