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    We ran into an issue this week with phone numbers in one of our insurance provider file exports.  After further review it's due to how we input phone numbers in the address book.  There are two ways a phone number is added/updated.  One is during ESS open enrollment and the other is users manually going into the address book to update it.  The problem we have is some users enter the area code in the prefix field and others enter the full phone number in the phone number field.  For example, say I have 937-123-4567.  It may show up in F0115 as.

    Prefix WPAR1               Phone Number WPPH1

    937                                1234567

    Or could be.

    Prefix WPAR1               Phone Number WPPH1


    We also run into the issue if some users enter hyphens.  The problem we had with our file this week was the full phone number was in WPPH1 and we have logic in our export to check WPAR1, if it's null hard code a literal sting of "937".  So the phone number went over as 9379371234.  We dropped the last 3 digits as it's limited to 10.  This is problematic when the full phone number is entered in WPPH1.  I have a couple ideas of how to get around this but I'm curious how other E1 customers are handling it.

    One thought is to limit the phone number (WPPH1) to 7 characters which would force users to enter the area code in the prefix field.  This won't work though as there are some phone numbers with extensions..  My other idea was to do a data clean up and concatenate the prefix and phone numbers that way the entire phone number is in WPPH1.  Then we could prevent users from using the prefix field at all.  However, this is the most complicated route as we would have to check all of our file exports to make sure we don't break anything.  I'm curious if there is an easier way to do this.

    We are on 9.1 with 9.1.5 tools.

    Thanks in advance,

    Josh Whitaker

    Making the area code a required field would be an option.

    Chris Brown

    Director Information Technology – Applications

    E: [email protected]

    O: 713.670.2584    F: 713.670.2885

    We decided to use GEN1 to store all 10 digit phone number and then create formatted prefix and phone number from it.

    Thanks everyone.

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