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    Receipt and Renewals of Vendor Insurance Certificates

    Hello All,

    Is anyone using PeopleSoft to track the receipt and renewals of vendor insurance certificates?  If so, how?  We are on Financials 9.2 PI 22 with PT 8.54.23.  We have AP and PO.  If you do not use PeopleSoft to track insurance certificates, what do you use?

    Thank you!

    Jo Ann

    Jo Ann Musgrave

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    I am also interested in this. We've been advised to use the government field on the vendor record to track COIs, Tax Documents (W8-Bens etc), Prelims and other vendor related documents with expirations, but have yet to implement this.

    Hi Leigh,

    Thanks for the response.  I posted this question to HEUG too and received the following responses.

    Response 1:
    The Keyword field has a drop-down value of INSURANCE to identify records of interest in queries. The Review Date field is populated with the date of last review of the
    record. The Next Review Date field is populated with a date some time prior to the expiration of the first insurance coverage. The Descr field contains text description of the type of coverage and other pertinent information. The certificate could be scanned into a PDF and attached to the Indentifying Information tab for the supplier.

    Response 2:
    We use the government classifications sections of the supplier file. When a new certification is received you would add a new row. If you want to notify the person they need to send in a new one there isn’t functionality directly for that but you can use the contract attestations.

    Response 3:

    On the vendor pages you would also have to add the ability to upload an attachment.  An organization who I use to work for, they managed this activity in the document management system.  Basically they would scan in the vendors proof of insurance and then one of the mandatory fields to enter would be expiration date.  30 days before the expiration date an email notification was sent to the general mailbox for purchasing at which time it would be routed to the appropriate buyer for follow up.

    I am very interested in this also. We are in the process of implementing supplier onboarding but even with this process there does not seem to be a good way to manage insurance certificate tracking. If it's there, we have not discovered it yet?? We do have a customization on the supplier record where we enter the dates and amounts but it is a very manual process with no automated emails for expirations or changes.

    Leigh Anne Miller

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