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    Banking Holiday and other leave adjustments in Time and Labor

    We are working an implementation of PeopleSoft Tiem and Labor 9.2 PUM 22 and have run into a gap with our buisness process.  Our emloyees can choose the bank Holiday pay as an additional day of PTO, instead of receiving Holiday pay.  Also, our employees receive additional PTO or their leave balances require adjustment for a variety or reasons.  Previously, these adjustments were made via our timekeeping system.  I see in Time & Labor that there is no option to designate a TRC as an leave adjustment, only as a leave taken.  I also see that I can't map a leave taken TRC to a leave adjustment EarnCode in Payroll for NA.  Anyone have any suggestions about how to handle leave adjustments from within Time and Labor?

    We have a similar situation where a particular group of employees have hours added to their PTO bank when they work a holiday.

    Here is how we have it set up in our system (we are on PS 9.2, and have had this setup since PS 8.9):

    1. We have a TRC mapped to an Earning Code (EC) that has the "Adjusted" box checked in the "Add to Accrual Balance"section for out PTO Leave Plan Type of the Special Process tab.

      • This TRC is set up as a "Rules Only TRC" on the TRC page, so it is not visible on the timesheet
    2. The employee enters time their regular time worked on the holiday on the timesheet and selects the "WORK_HOL" for the "User Field 5" field.

    3. We have a T&L Time Administration rule setup that creates a new payable time row using the PTO adjustment TRC (this is based on the "WORK_HOL" User Field 5) - see step #1.

    4. The adjustment TRC payable time row is then loaded and "paid" through PS Payroll.

    5. When the leave accrual process is ran after payroll is confirms it adds the "adjusted" amount to the leave accrual row (adding the hours to the employee's bank balance).

    I've tried to attached images of the TRC and Earning Code setup pages below for the adjustment code.

    Hope this helps. If you need, I can send the SQL for the T&L TA Rule.

    Jennifer Dixon, CPP

    Payroll Program Manager

    Chelan County PUD #1

    509/661-4655 –

    We allow people to bank their holiday - if they work the holiday, they can choose to take overtime or add the hours to their annual leave.  We have separate TRCs, Holiday( (for overtime) and Floating Holiday (for banked hours).    We have this mapped to an Annual Leave Adjustment earnings code.

    Kandi Thomas
    ISD Service Manager II, CSE
    ERP Business Applications

    Office:  703-255-8577 • Email:

    No, we do not use nor do we want to use Absence Management.

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