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    We are a biweekly emplolyer and had the issue at the beginning of this year where our first payday in 2017 was on January 6th for the pay period December 18-31, 2016. Had we left the Master Pay Cycle alone, this would've caused our new 2017 benefit rates not to take effect since the pay period did not include at least one day in 2017. So, we altered our Master Pay Cycle by one day to December 18-January 1. We had to manually extract some time entry to get this to work, but the correct rates then pulled into the payroll. However, we will continue to experience this issue this year and for years to come.

    First payday in 2018 will be January 5th for the period December 17-30

    First payday in 2019 will be January 4th for the period December 16-29

    First payday in 2020 will be January 3rd for the period December 15-28

    2021 is when it will begin working as designed again, at least for a few years.

    I've submitted a ticket with Oracle, but wanted to check with the group to see if anyone else has experienced this issue?  Is there a way for the new plan rates can take effect based on payday versus pay period?  We obviously cannot continue to alter our Master Pay Cycle for the next 3 years to accommodate.

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    Cari Phillips

    We deal with this issue every year.  During open enrollment, we date the new benefit enrollments with a January 1 date in Enrollment With Eligibility which causes the Employee DBA instructions to have a Jan. 1 start date.  I've tried to make the case that these enrollments should be dated using the Pay Period Start Date of the 1st pay period of the new year, but HR does not agree.  Therefore, we use SQL on the F06106 table each year to update the start date of the Employee DBA Instructions that start on Jan. 1 to instead start on the Pay Period Start Date of the 1st pay period of the year, and we change the end date of the Employee DBA Instructions that end on Dec. 31 to instead end on the Pay Period End Date of the last pay period of the year.

    I brought this up once at an HCM SIG meeting at Collaborate, and Evelyn Bian at Port of Portland shared some information with me on how they are able to record their benefit enrollments as of Jan. 1 and still set the Employee DBA Instructions to use the pay period start date.  However, they are not using the Enrollment With Eligibility program to enter their enrollments.  They are using the Enrollment Overrides program.

    Travis Wendland

    Project Manager

    Little Rapids Corporation

    Do you change the dates back after the first check?  If
    not assure you change the enrollment and DBA dates in the F08330
    and all it's tag tables.

    Ellen Fishelman

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    Thanks for the heads up Ellen.  No, we have not been going back and changing the dates back after the first check, so we should be updating the F08330 table and its tag tables.

    That reminded me of a session that Tammy Castro led at the Collaborate conference in 2013 titled "Employee DBA Instruction Messes".  I just looked over the slides from that session, and we haven't experienced any problems (yet) due to the F06106 being out of sync with the F08330, but I will be fixing this now and coming up with a better update process for the future.



    Hi Travis: 
    Please check records that have been
    ended. Since you did that last year I suspect your F06106 is not in
    sync for the PDBA field. I would expect you having duplicate
    records since it wouldn't find a matching record

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