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    Search in Grid QBE Line issues

    I'm trying to find some parts in P4101 using the QBE line and I'm having some issues.  I'm searching in Segment 4 and all the parts start with "7563K" only the last 2 digits are different see below.

    Segement 4





    When I put 7563* in the segment 4 qbe line I get all 4 parts as expected.

    When I put  7563K* in the segment 4 qbe line I get nothing.

    When I put 7563K32 in the segment 4 qbe line I get nothing, even if I copy a value from segment 4 and paste it into the QBE line.

    If I edit the item and retype the value in segment 4 value exactly like it was the search now works for that item.

    It seems like there is an character that I can't see in that field and retyping it fixes the issue.  I believe this item was imported during implementation.

    I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the issue and if there is a way to find all the items with this issue and fix them.

    Thank you,


    I don't really have sql access but we do have another query tool outside of data browser and when I queried the table there I could see that the K was lower case and the one that was edited the K was upper case, so I think that's the issue we imported the item list from another system and I'm guessing the k was lower case, but when you enter in EOne it converts to uppercase.  I trid filtering on lower case k but EOne it just makes it upper case.  Thanks for the reply it make me look in another location and figure out the problem.


    Hi Becky,

    Do you have the ability to query your data via SQL?

    There are a bunch of suggestions if you Google "view invisible characters in SQL"

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