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    Roth 401k Administration

    Any experts out there with infomration on how to administer a Roth 401k in PeopleSoft in conjunction with a traditional 401K plan and get the company match portion to cap correctly?  We cannot get our standard config to stop the company match on the combined deferrals, they go up to our max for each plan instead of combining.  Hoping someone out there knows how to remedy this!

    Thanks on advance,

    Jennifer Bachmann

    HR Technology Analyst II, HRIS

    Universal Orlando

    We are using 2 plan types: 40 for B/T 401k and 4Y for A/T Roth.  both plans end up in the same limit table to ensure the combined match does not exceed the company limit.  in some cases we have the plans in 4 distinct limit tables.  415, 401 to comply with IRS limits.  Custom limits to limit per paycheck and annual ER match.

    We also have a few plans that use the Step Table to address multiple match rules on a single plan.

    We are doing the same and are matching both plans up to 4%.  I just tried setting up the Roth as after tax on our regular 401K and we ran a check and it took the deductions out pre-tax.  Does this need to be set up as a separate 401K plan?  I think I am in over my head on this one.

    Hello, did you find a resolution to this.  We are now trying to implement both 401k and Roth.  Where can I enter to cap the ER Match at 3%.  Employee can contribute to both 401k and/or Roth; however, the company will only match 3% total at 100% and the next 7% at 50%.  Will appreciate any assistance.  Thank you.

    Yes, but cannot seem to get the company match to take into consideration both Plans and apply contribution cap ac cross the Plans.  We do not use General Deductions for these either.  They are setup as Savings Plans.

    Are you using the Limit Table to combine the limits for the deductions? We are using general deductions and then the limit table to set the limits.

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