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    Benefit Eligible Seasonal Workers & Benefit Deductions

    We are looking at adding a new position for our RN's called seasonal workers (new empl class).  They would work 9 months and be off for 3 months.  The 3 months off will be different for all employees and doesn't have to be 3 consecutive months.  They will also receive benefits for the entire year.  One of our big concerns is how to handle benefit deductions.  Do we let them go into arrears and then pay them when they get back to work?  Do the employees write a check while they are off?  Do we increase their benefit rates so they pay the full years premium in 9 months, but what if they work more or less than the 9 months for this solution?  Does anyone out there have Seasonal Workers and if so how do you handle benefits?  Are there any other issues you have with seasonal workers?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    We either let them pay out of pocket by check, then update the deduction balances.  They are not pre taxed, so they do not get that benefit.  Or we take extra deductions before they leave or when they get back. Since they are not working a paysheet is not created for them so the amounts will not go into arrears.  Unless you can get that to happen, then have the arrears handle it.


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