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    Asset Management - Mass Transaction Manager for Interunit Transfers

    Has anyone used the Mass Transaction Manager for Interunit Transfers?  We are on 9.2, Pum 19, PeopleTools 8.55.

    I am trying to use the mass transaction manager to mass transfer a bunch of assets from one BU to another.  However, I need to have a transaction code on the template in order for the accounting entries to process correctly.  We transfer the NBV of an asset when we do an Inter-Unit transfer but it doesn't appear the templates allow for that.  The template that appears to be what I want, does an ADD transaction on the TO asset and a RET transaction on the FROM asset which in theory is correct, but the accounting entries are not correct because I can't get the transaction code on the transaction when I load the assets into AM.

    Any insight would be helpful?  It appears that the Mass Transaction Definition Page and the Mass Transaction Configuration Page are related somehow but I can't figure out from the Oracle documentation which pages drives which page.

    Thank you for any help.

    We are moving 400 something Assets  creating the InterUnit Transfer Definition.

    Then I created an ExceltoCI on the COST_BAL component. To create the Open transactions for the large number of assets Otherwise you could manually co them in the component.

    It creates a TRF Out on the from BU and an ADD In on the new BU.

    Run deprcalc on both BU's. The to BU will show on Hold until the deprcacl is run for the from BU.

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