PDBA adding cents each payroll reset

    Good Morning,

    We have noticed this issue for awhile and thought the upgrade to 9.2 had fixed this ongoing issue, but alas it keeps popping back up.  We use PDBA 90 for our "Other Pay."  Our payroll teams runs and resets payroll on average 4 or 5 times per cycle.  This particular PDBA either increments or decrements by several cents each reset.  For example, we have an entry for this week's payroll for $75.  The very first payroll run, it shows on the paystub as $75.03 and on the second run it now shows $75.06.  Does anyone know what's causing this?  It sometimes will decrement 3 cents, which can create issues with underpaying an employee.  Just wanted to see if anyone else was encountering this phenomenon.

    Thank you,

    Cari Phillips

    El Paso County

    Good morning – curious – is JDE running on an
    AS400?  We have the same issue and were told that it was more
    prevalent on the AS400..  J

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    Hi Cari,

    Is your PDBA set up as Paytype? Is it a flat amount? How many decimals are you rounding to?

    Thanks, Sherri

    Hi Lana,

    Our JDE database is running on an Exadata X4-2.


    Hi Sherri,

    Yes, this PDBA is a Pay Type, Flat Amount.  Whether they enter the amount manually or import it from a spreadsheet, they enter the number to the hundredths in the Lump Sum (EPA) field.



    Hi Cari,

    That's really odd. My flat amount has never changed - so do you have this set as part of base pay? DSo you have the 'Auto Pay Method' set up with a Y? If so this could be the issue because it's trying to get your people to their pay period salary. This field should be an N.

    Hope that helps



    No, this particular PDBA is added to gross pay and Auto Pay Method is an N, so we don't believe it's trying to balance to anything.  In this particular example, the employee is out on FMLA leave and was owed a stipend of $75 so the stub shows no Regular Salary, only the FMLA Sick Used and the PDBA for $75.  This is also happening to other PDBAs but I believe they all are set up similarly.  Sometimes it adds 3 cents, sometimes it takes away 3 cents.  I'll keep digging, but thank you for taking time to help debug this for us!


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