Auto Deposit

    Does anyone have a grid setup to import or enter Auto Deposit info for employees?  We will eventually be going to self service but are entering each one manually right now and I'm wondering if there is a way to do this in one location for multiple employees rather than using the Automatic Bank Instructions (P055011) and entering data for each employee one by one.

    Also, we Pre-Note.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi - We copied P055011 to create a P565501A so we use JDE functionality but then disabled many lines of code that restricts it to one employee.  We added this "Upload Bank Info" application as a Form Exit to the original P055011.


    Thanks I'll speak with my JDE expert to see if that's something we can look at.

    Hi Holee.  This process is a great candidate for the Orchestration tool via AIS.  Are you familiar with this functionality yet?  It is pretty new and does require some setup, but it is a way to automate these kinds of manual processes.  It's a bit much to share here, but I'm happy to educate you a little more via phone call.

    Also, DropZone, which is a subscription based tool from Steltix is another amazing tool.

    These are the two ways that come to mind and don't require custom objects.

    Happy to chat next week some time if you'd like.  I'm traveling til then.  Thanks!  Have a great weekend!

    One other thing that you can do is have your Developer create a headerless grid over the F065016. It is fairly easy to do. We use this kind of grid for any acquisition that we do. It is a lot easier to load everyone in at the same time.


    Does that also update th F065016T?

    Yes it does. Since all of those fields are on the grid it will update the proper tables. It will even validate the fields, so it will check to see if the bank is actually in the UDC table so that it can be used. I would not give everyone access to this type of grid since it is like tearing off the top of the table and inserting records. It does need to be controlled.

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