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    Time and Labor Workflow - Approval for Managers


    I am hoping someone may be able to help me out.  We are looking at setting up TL workflow for reported time.  We do not have position management in place.  We maintain a our department security tree with our structure (somewhat) and mantain the manager on the department table.  We would like approvals to go the individuals manager.  Using the TLByDeptManager works great, however if the individual entering time is the manager of his department it needs to go to his manager.  This is defined on the department security tree.

    For example:

    Our department security tree looks like the following


    | - Information Services (Manager X)

    |             | -  PeopleSoft (Manager Y)

    | - Accounting

    | - Marketing


    1. If an employee in Dept "Peoplesoft" was to enter time then Manager Y gets the approval workflow - This is working and what we expect

    2. If Manager Y, who is also in dept "Peoplesoft" enters time the transaction auto approves because he is the manager - This is not what we want.  It should go to Manager X because he is the manager in the next level of the tree.

    Is this functionality that exist in the workflow options?  I know we can write queries and SQL ID the approver list, and maybe that is where we need to go with this?  This seems like a basic function though and I am wondering if I am missing something?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Thank you for your response.  I think based on our structure we will need to use both the supervisor and the dept manager with application class criteria as you suggest.  That, or better yet dept manager and some sort of userlist that will be able to look up the department security tree.  That latter would be our best option as the first option requires us to maintain the supervisor ID.  Can you tell me, I assume both the application class in the criteria as well as a userlist can use the current user ID as a variable passed to the class logic?


    Thanks, Chamanthi,

    I may have to use supervisor ID as I am not understanding how or even if I can took up the department tree to determine the next level manager.  I have another question for you if you don’t mind.  I am new to AWE so this is likely a very simple question so I apologies for my ignorance.  How would I build criteria to determine if the user is or is not the dept manager as you are suggesting in your email?

    If I click on the criteria for the step, the capabilities for the criteria look very limited.  I am not sure how you would say where the dept manager ID is equal to the current user?

    Tammy Cates, PMP
    Senior Business Systems Analyst, Finance Systems Solutions

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