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    We are in the process of laying out our roadmap for the next few years for HCM. We upgraded to 9.2 in April this year.  I am looking for feedback regarding the best order for implementing some additional modules within PeoplSoft.  We are currently in the process of cleaning up our use of Profiles.  The next steps look something like the outline below. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    PUM 19-24

    PS HCM 9.2: eRecruiting & Candidate Gateway


    PUM 25-28

    PS HCM 9.2: ePerformance

    Performance Assessment



    PUM 29-32

    PS HCM 9.2: Plan Careers & Successions

    Career Planning

    Succession Planning

    Hi Gary

    I think decisions around the PSFT HCM roadmap (in my experience with working in HR in the last 18 years), is very much aligned to the corporate goals and objectives of an organization.  Having said, the below are some of the items that should be considered in putting together a roadmap:
    Business Strategy and Compliance: The phasing is often driven by what is required to support the overall Business / HR strategy and Compliance requirements.  For example, we were working with a client where in Phase 3, we were going to deploy PeopleSoft ELM v9.2.  However, there was a more pressing need to reduce the clients HR Operational budget by 20% as mandated by their CEO.  Consequently, PSFT ELM was shelved and the money was used to deploy a large number of PSFT Guided Self Service transactions to automate manual forms and to save $400K per annum (5 FTE reductions).
    Alignment to Vendor Delivery Schedule: This is to minimize unnecessary customizations and investments.  If you are keeping a careful eye on when Oracle is releasing and can influence some of the functionality drop (via Voting etc.), then you might get a bit more from your investment.  Where you know Oracle is not delivering, then you can look at building those components as bolt-ons (where required) and you can be confident that you haven’t wasted valuable resources.  So, aligning your roadmap to Oracle's delivery roadmap.
    Re-work: Sequence the module delivery and design of the modules in such a way that there is limited re-work.  For example, I see a lot of organizations that have delivered HR, Payroll and Benefits Admin in Phase 1, to process pays correctly, but at the cost of not being able to easily expand into Talent Management.  HR Department structure is more reflective of the Fin Cost Center structure and Job Codes are set up in a such a way there is more rework to include Job Families etc (Profile Manager).

    Another example, is PSFT Recruiting Solutions have been ear marked for deployment in Phase 2, and that has required building a temporary interface between the legacy recruitment application and PSFT Core HR for a period of time.

    I commonly see clients in Phase 1 go live with Core modules (HR, Payroll, Ben Admin, Time & Labor) and some will include Recruiting Solutions On-boarding as well.

    I see ePerformance Management and Enterprise Learning Management as Phase 2.

    Succession Planning / Career Planning and HR Help-Desk as Phase 3.

    Hope this helps.

    Chamanthi Weerasinghe

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