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    What software product do you use for training and support of end users?

    We have UPK from back in 2004 and are now looking at our training options. Right now our UPK and training are built by our technology team, but we would like to move this out to our organizational training team. I have been asked to find out what software or applications other organizations use for their training of end users with common business processes, or supporting end users with simple things like viewing pay checks, updating addresses, changing their preferences, etc. Our version of UPK is very clunky and only a select few have been able to figure it out enough to use it, and now we are getting ready to perform an upgrade from Financials 8.9 and HCM 9.0 to the latest and greatest, and our version isn't working with it anymore. Anything you can provide from the list of questions below would be very helpful, and don't feel like you have to answer them all.

    • What software or application do you use for training and/or support?

    • Who is responsible for supporting the training application? Examples: IT, HR Training, etc?

    • What kind of deployment does it provide? Examples: Video, training booklets, job aid documents, interactive / try it yourself, web pages?

    • Do you use it with other things besides PeopleSoft?

    • What have you found are the strengths or big wins in the product?

    • What have you found are the weaknesses or shortcomings in the product?

    • Are their outside contractors or support you can go to if needed?


    Thomas D'Andrea

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