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    Vanilla 9.1/8.54 to 9.2/8.55(6) technical upgrade project length

    Hi there,

    I'm planning for a technical upgrade project and would like to know from fellow PeopleSoft users (and not from vendors per se) what is a reasonable length of the technical upgrade project for vanila FSCM 9.1 /PT 8.54 to 9.2 / 8.55(or 8.56).

    In case it needs clarification

    • by technical I mean no reconfiguration, no new modules, no business process reengeering. Basically, taking the vanila 9.1 with existing data and turn it into 9.2

    • by vanila I mean no single line of customization at code level. Not even the change of logos (for the sake of the simplicity). Obviously, there's very little such implementation but it will not be reasonable to request anyone to put a timeline on retrofitting customizations that they are not familiar with, hence lets leave it out of the equation

    My guestimate is that dedicated team of 10 resources should be able to finish the project in 4-6 months with the followin high level plan:

    • Infrastructure - 1 month (Dev, Pre-Prod, Prod and Demo).

    • Iteration 1 testing (@Dev)- 1 month

    • Iteration 2 testing (@Pre-Prod) - 1 month

    • UAT (@Pre-Prod) - 1 month

    • Go Live and Stabilization (@Prod) - 1 month

    Thank you in advance,


    That sounds about right. There is some learning curve with PUM and Fluid but 4-6 month is reasonable time with the configuration you described.

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