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    Spacing in middle of 5-digit Zip Code

    9.2 PUM 17   PT 8.55.09

    Last week, after entering a supplier's information and saving it, our Accounts Payable team noticed there was a space in the middle of the zip code "xxx xx" when viewing the information. (Suppliers > Supplier Information > Add/Update > Supplier > 'Summary' page) The space also showed up when the supplier information was used elsewhere in the system (i.e. cutting a check).  When looking at the entry page, on the 'Address' tab, no space was shown. We were able to resolve the situation by entering a new effective dated row with the same address. The issue has not yet reoccurred on that page.

    Today, a user attempted to add one-time ship to addresses on ePro requisitions. When entering a zip code, the system is adding a space on the 'Requisition Settings' section of the req, making the zip code "xxx xx". We have been unable to remove the space as the system continues to add it once no longer editing the field. The other one-time address zip code fields, at the line level, are not exhibiting this behavior. When more than five characters are added, this issue does not occur.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have not found any references to related bugs from Oracle.

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