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    I am curious how other users handle PDBA History.  In our organization, we have multiple funds with their own Tax IDs.  When an employee transfers jobs between funds, we always have to strategize how to accurately portray PDBA History to show proper usage and accruals but also make sure their balances remain accurate.  So let's say we have the following example.  Employee has transferred from Fund 00001 to Fund 00095.  The employee has PDBA History in Fund 00001 for Sick Used (PDBA 160) and Sick Accrual (PDBA 8000).  Once the employee uses sick (PDBA 160)  in the new fund, a new PDBA History item will appear.  Payroll informs me their normal practice is to leave both the PDBAs for Sick Used (PDBA 160) but then update the Sick Accrual (PDBA 8000) for the new fund otherwise year-end rollover will not accurately work if we leave 2 PDBAs for 8000 in 2017.  What does your organization do in this instance, do you leave two Sick Used and one Sick Accrual?  Do you also transfer the information within the Sick Used to the new Fund to show the entire year's history under the new fund?  I can give more details on examples with numbers if that would help.

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    Cari Phillips

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