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    Supplier Performance: PO Due Date vs Original Promise Date?

    We have a little discussion going as to what is best to measure supplier performance against:

    1. Receive Date vs PO Original Promise Date?

    2. Receive Date vs PO Due Date?

    Please chime in as to what your ops do and why that avenue was chosen?  (PeopleSoft Supplier Analysis is based on Receive Date vs Due Date)

    Thanks for your input!

    Dan Rotermund

    Thank you Wendy & Steve, for your replies. This certainly helps in our plan discussion.

    I do like the idea of the customized REASON code. We were contemplating the same issues of "Your Fault / Our Fault" scenarios.

    We also have developed and deployed an overall supplier scorecard process that takes in simlar data and is also coupled with their profile question responses for an overall quarterly look under the hood.

    Thanks again!


    Hello Dan,

    We measure by receive date vs. PO Due Date,
    but it would probably be better to measure against the Original
    Promise Date, so you can tell if they kick the can or not.



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